Want to become a mentor?

Want to become a Mentor?

We are looking for Africa-based mentors that have the following profile:

  • Successful hands-on, professional experts in key business areas such as: marketing/PR, legal, finance/accounting, internet/IT, HR, Sales or any industry expertise relevant to L’Afrique Excelle (please refer to the FAQs)
  • Sector experts in fintech, agriculture, transport, energy, health, education, smart cities, gaming, resource management, media, hospitality, food, and more. 
  • Experience in building digital or tech companies in Francophone Africa is preferred – or experience in investing in companies in Francophone Africa or other emerging markets.
  • Experience in scaling up a business to one or more countries, in Africa or on another continent
  • Access to influential professional networks including business angels, institutional investors and corporate partners in Francophone Africa and beyond.
  • Ability to commit 4-6 hours per month throughout the duration of the program (1,5 month between Mali and France residency and 4,5 months after the final Venture Show case in France)